Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when support does not work for me?
How long does a domain transfer take?
How long does a new domain take?
What about refunds?
How do I order a resellers account?
How do I get a sub domain?
How do I get my email to work?
Do you offer pointer sites or domain parking?
Can I pay with my resold customers card?
Why was my site cancelled?
Why was my site deleted?
Why are my emails not being answered?
What do I do when my site is down?
Why is my site up and not Smart-Webhost's or the other way around?
What do I do when my email quits working?
Do I have a contract with you? How long do I have to stay?
Do you install cgi scripts for me?
I'm a reseller , can I use your support manual?
Does Host-Smart create or fix websites?

The most POWERFUL feature we offer is the easy-to-use Control Panel, free on all accounts. Take a look at just how easy it is to set your site up, secure directories, set up mailing lists, get site statistics and more! See It

a. See
b. Sometimes we are so busy keeping up machines and taking care of major issues the small ones are over looked. Please be kind and resubmit your question.

a. Domain name transfers can take up to 3 days. If your domain is not active in 3 days, please contact the site where you bought the name and ask them to move your site to our servers. The name server information is below. Only the Admin and the tech contact of your site can move your dns to our servers. See help file here.
Tech Nic MB1518-BR

a. New domain registrations can take up to 3 working days to propagate through the Net. You will know that your domain name is active by typing in your URL (your new domain name) and finding the site active. You will have access to your IP address before the domain is active, so you can easily set up your account and website so it's ready to go right away.

a. Refunds are only available within the first 30 days. If you are not happy, we will give refund under the following terms. No resold accounts were added to your account and there will be no refunds on new domain names.
To cancel your account we must have 30 days written notice prior to the renewal date.

a. Go to the reseller account area and complete the online order form.

a. Sub domains are considered reseller accounts. You may order them the same way you order a new resller account. Reseller Account

>a. See our online support manual

a. Yes, we will point a site to yours free of charge. If you add more than 3 sites pointing to you, you will be charged $4.00 per site extra per month. You can order them here.

a. NO... and if you do they will then know who we are as our billing information will show up on their billing statement. If they do a charge back all of your accounts will be deleted.

a. A cancelled site will most of the time be for payment problems. You will be notified of the problems well before your site has been cancelled.

a. Spam , Adult , Hacking and Credit card fraud are deleted with no warning. ###NOTE: We also state in our user policies that we can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

a. Your emails have more to do with site building and are not related to server issues they will go un answered until all sever related issues are taken care of. Meaning ... we do not teach you how to build a web site for the prices listed as hosting plans. Our # 1 job is to make sure when someone types in it works.

a. Our techs are paged by our systems when they go down. Our systems will re boot after 10 minutes of down time automatically.

a. Our sites are all on different machines. Each machine has about 250 sites. If one machine is down then it does not affect others.

a. The system is busy , wait a few minutes and try again

a. Contracts are month to month unless you have signed up for a 3, 6 or 12 month account. If you pay by more than one month and we remove your account for some reason we will prorate and refund your card.

a. No

a. Yes you may.

a. NO... not directly, but we will gladly refer you to the experts.

a. When your billing date comes up, we will prorate and charge the accounts you added in the past month. We charge you for the past month and the new month. Example: You ordered a $4.00 reseller account on the 15th and your billing date was the first. You will be charged $2.00 for the 15 days and then $4.00 for the current billing cycle. * Note: It is our common policy not to prorate resellers who add several accounts in a months time. We use this policy as many of you work with us on support issues.

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